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Mainly the organization started an orphange in the year 1985 and enrolled 10 orphans, destitute, helpless children of the locality and the number gradually increased year by year and at present 120 such orphan children have taken shelter in the orphange wing of the organization. Among them 90% children are from ST and SC community families of Keonjhar, Districts. With the limited grants-in-aid provided by the State Govt, the organization is providing free fooding, clothing, soap, oil, medicine,General education and various vocational trainings (like arts, crafts, tailoring music and agriculture etc.), so as to rehabilitate the orphan children in the society. Now the orphanage is functioning under the JJ act and Rules-2014 and regularly monitored by the District Child welfare committee and District Child Protection Unit .


The total enrollment of children in the orphange is 152 and now this orphange has grown as the 2nd largest orphange in District of Konjhar. The inmates are provided with regular food, tiffin, clothings, education from Class One to High School level in the local educational institutions. Health check up are regularly monitored and free medicines are supplied at the time of illness. Besides the inmates are provided vocational trainings on tailoring, music, agriculture etc for rehabilitation in the society.


The building measuring 8000 sq.ft has already been constructed and provided to the inmates. Kitchen, store room etc. have also been constructed. Water facilities from Tubewell, open well and Borewell are available for the inmates of the Balashram. All the inmates have been provided with cots bed & beddings including mosquito net etc.


he motto of the Balashram is to make alround development of the orphan children so as to make them fit as per the other citizens of the free India. To achieve this, education is most essential. Due to the sincere efforts of the organization, all the orphan children are being provided education starting from primary level to college level in the near by educational institutions.For small age children,one primary school from class I to II is running inside the Organization.Six students had passed matriculation exam during 2020-21.


Keeping in view of the growing need of technical knowledge, vocational trainings in tailoring, music and agriculture etc., have been arranged in the campus of the organization. Trained master crafts man have been engaged to provide vocational education to the inmates.
Steps have already been taken to introduce T.V training, Computer training and mobile repairing training etc. in the campus of the Balashram for the grown up inmates who are passing high school certificate examination. Organization.Six students had passed matriculation exam during 2020-21.


To increase the out look of the inmates, news papers/Magazines and periodicals have been provided regularly. Besides various study books, dictionaries etc. are also available in the library for the use of the inmates. The library will be enrich with 460 numbers of books at present..


The holidays are utilized by taking the inmates to the nearby village institutes and places of public gatherings for social services like cleaning, supplying of water to needy persons, propagating for preservation of forest and environment, family planning and for eradication of illiteracy etc from the society.


To supply balance diet to the inmates, ration chart has been prepared and approved by the Managing Committee. Daily ration is supplied according to the chart by the superintendent in charge of the mess. In special cases, costly nutrious foods are also supplied for up keeping the good health of the inmates. Besides, green vegetables are also supplied to the inmates mess at free of cost produced in the Balashram premises.


From very early stage, the inmates are taught about the basic thinking of ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’. All possible steps have been taken for maintaining good health of the inmates. Part time doctor has been engaged for regular health checkup of the inmates. The serious inmates are provided treatment in the sub-Divisional and District Head Quarters Hospitals. The inmates are also acquainted for use of first-aid medicines and sufficient quantities of medicines have been kept in the First Aid Box as per prescription of visiting physicians.


Gardening is a part of agricultural programme of the Balashram has been made compulsory for all the inmates to take part daily. Agriculture is a special subject for the inmates which is taught by experienced agriculture teacher. For this purpose, the land measuring A 3.50 dec is available at the disposal of Balashram. In addition to this, there are Kitchen garden where vegetables are grown by the inmates and consumed by them at free of cost. Over and above some space has been earmarked in the premises of Balashram to raise flower for beautification and preservation of the environment.


To gear up the participation in the minds of the inmates, all the prescribed National Festivals are regularly observed in the premises of the Balashram. The religious festivals like Ganesh Puja and Swaraswati Puja are regularly celebrated by the inmates and staff of the organization every year irrespective of Caste, Creed, Colour and Religion.


Rehabilitation of the inmates though General Education and Vocational Education become compulsory. Like previous year, during the year 2020-21 Ten (23) inmates have been rehabilited in the society through the sincere effort of the organization. Continuous efforts have been made to rehabilitate other inmates in the society in a gainful employment.


To up keep the good health of the inmates, different types of out door games like Football, Volley ball, Badminton, Cricket etc are available in the campus of the Balashram. Indoor games such as carom, Ludu etc are also available for the inmates. Required number of sports materials have been purchased and kept in charge of the game teacher to teach the inmates during leasure hours. Some time competitions are also arranged between the inmates on various plays .

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